I got my almost 6 year old a ‘phone’ and regret nothing [tinitell review]

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We live in a very different world today than the one that even my husband and I grew up in, let alone the one our parents grew up in. We don’t live in a bad area, but we can’t just let our oldest (almost 6) go off on his own down the street.

Every day a new story comes out about a missing child or a near abduction. Last week alone, there were four attempted abductions in the next town over. FOUR. In a week. All from their own front yards. And not to mention the lockdown his school was in last week. It’s truly a scary world out there.

I am admittedly a bit of a worry wart.

To ease this, I wanted to do something to let my son have a bit more freedom, but still keeping in mind the world we live in. I wanted the ability to be a helicopter-ish parent. I didn’t want to fully commit the helicopter parent lifestyle, but still wanted the ability to keep tabs on my child.

My husband and I had talked about the possibility of getting our son one of those phones that calls three numbers only. But we battled with the question of ‘responsibility’. Was he ready to take care of a phone? I mean he complains when we remind him to feed the dog, but yet, if sees that the trash is full, he’ll take it out, replace the bag and bring the trash outside. So there’s that glimmer of hope that he could handle … something.

One day while I stole a few minutes of alone time, I came across Tinitell on Instagram. I was intrigued. I did a big more searching and found this product solved our problem. Tinitell is a small GPS/phone that is warn as a bracelet. It runs off of a basic 2G data plan and costs us minimal dollars each month. He can make outgoing calls (only to the numbers in his phonebook) and accept incoming calls (again only those saved in his phone book). It also allows my husband and I to see his location via the app on our phone. And the best part, it’s not anything he has to carry around, misplace, or worry about dropping and breaking. It is on him at all times.

I reached out to Tinitell and explained my desire to be a helicopter-ish parent and they’re so awesome, they sent us one to try out!

Tinitell works with Ting or any other wireless provider that has a 2G network. It took a bit of time to set up (just like when you go to your provider and spend half the day at the store while they set up your new phone. Except it didn’t take me half a day, it took me about 45 minutes one night (after it was charged) to set up the Ting account, get him a number, download the app to my phone, load phone numbers into his phone book, and test it.

So far we love it!

He puts it on when he gets home from school and rides off into the sunset (JK, he rides his bike down to the cul-de-sac and plays with his friends). And when it’s time for dinner, or I need him to come home, I can give him a call. He wears it when we go out on the weekends and if for some reason, his wandering soul separates him from us, we can find him. He has his own phone number and I’ll be honest, it was so weird the first time he called me. To see his name come up on my phone, attached to his own number was a reality check that he’s getting older.

I had intended for him to wear it to school as he attends afterschool in a different location. But he (on his own) decided that he wasn’t mature enough to not be tempted to use it as a toy at school and wanted to wait until he was older to bring it to school. So for now, I’ll respect that and we’ll use it at home and on weekends when things are far less structured.

It’s easy for him to use, minimal buttons, and features. Hit the main button to turn it on. Then he uses the volume button to navigate through his phone book list and hits the big main button again to start and end a call. That easy. He loves it and it makes him feel like such a big kid. He’s so excited to put it on every day when he gets home. He slaps it on, throws his helmet on and says “I’ll call you” as he heads off down the street.

It’s exactly what he needs at this age and for the next several years. High-five to Tinitell for hitting the nail on the head with this.


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