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Third times a charm. So I’ve heard. And for many things, it is. Like extra helpings of mashed potatoes, or kittens and puppies, and kids. So here’s the deal, I love pregnancy (for the most part). I love the feeling that only a woman carrying a baby knows, that first time you feel them move, or when they get hick-ups. These precious intimate moments are amazing and I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to have them for anything because I know I am #blessed to experience them.

That being said, it doesn’t mean I am not going to take the time to complain about some of the not so great moments. Here is my list of some of the moments I could do without;

1. Leg Cramps. 

You know, the ones that wake you up in the middle of the night screaming and all you can do is hold your leg and rock yourself back and forth until it goes away. Also scaring the crap out of your spouse because they think something horrible has just happened. Little do they know.

Or lets take the other night for example. My wonderful husband prepared a lovely footbath for me after the kids were in bed. I got comfy on the couch and once I was settled, I went to load my feet in and the damn things cramped up. My toes did the claw hand thing and I had no control. Of course, here I am trying to relax – finally and my body has other ideas.

So of course, this lead to my husband now trying to force feed me a banana a day to help increase my potassium intake.

2. Shin Splints. 

Without fail, each pregnancy I have developed shin splints from the weight gain. Seriously, so awesome. I can’t even say any more about these.

3. Morning/All Day Sickness and Heartburn.

I grouped these two together because for me, they went hand in hand.

I was blessed with all day sickness. I felt like I had been reading in the car, all damn day. The only way I was able to get by was to constantly eat. I am surprised I didn’t gain a thousand pounds. I was always eating saltines or something similar. Sour or ginger candies offered a bit of relief.

The flip side to constantly eating – perpetual heartburn.

Because I am crazy and refuse to take any prescription medication (aside from prenatals) during my pregnancies I have suffered through some absolutely ridiculous heartburn/ esophagus torture. Milk and Ice Cream make their way onto the shopping list each week.

But eventually, just as in the past I am sure they will betray me as well. I get to a point where everything I eat or drink, even water, sets my esophagus on fire.

4. Emotions. 

Yesterday I found myself crying on the way from work to the boys school because a song came on the radio and all I could think about was that song playing for our mother son dance if/when one of my boys gets married. Please keep in mind for that previous statement that they are four and one and a half.

What??! I am that crazy mom. I am the crazy emotional pregnant lady right now that would probably be found crying in an isle at Target looking at baby girl clothes. Oh wait, been there done that too.

5. Unsolicited comments. 

I get these all the time. Every parent does. I got them before we found out we were pregnant. The top offender “So do you think you’ll try for a girl?” questions relating to anyone’s fertility or family planning are always of limits. You never know what other people are going through and it is never appropriate to ask these types of questions. I even got that question when I was pregnant with Thatch and people found out he was boy, immediately assuming that we were ‘unhappy’ with two boys.

Comments like this of course are not the end of the train. I knew you were having a girl/boy by the way you’re carrying. Or I just had a feeling you were pregnant. The list goes on and on. And it’s not even just the comments, it every piece of unsolicited everything; the touching, and the advice.

6. Restrictions. 

This one is new to me. Both previous pregnancies were ‘easy breezy’, no issues, natural births which I am so very thankful for. Well this little lady is certainly changing things up. Due to some minor complications I not able to fly back up north with the boys as originally planed as I would be putting both of us at too much of a risk. I am also unable to pick up either of the boys (technically anything over 20lbs.) which is absolutely killing me.  I can hold them if they are able to climb into my lap which I am thankful for. But I cannot load them into the car, drop them off or pick them up from school on my own or do much of anything else. I am completely dependent on my husband or the folks at the daycare for help.

Also, on the note of restrictions, all I want right now (as with each of my previous pregnancies to eat endless amounts of raw cold cuts. I know everything in moderation is fine, but serious I want a deli sandwich every damn day.

I am sure there are a billion other things that make this process trying, but I can’t remember them all right now…

7. Memory loss/pregnancy brain. 

I would say more, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

…OK seven really doesn’t seem like that many. And it’s really not, because the minute you hold that little human you fall in love and all the things that made it hard melt away…

…because now you have to raise them.

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