Tale of the multi-tasking mom and the journey to a whiter smile

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I have never been a coffee drinker, and in the past few months I have only slowly become a wine drinker. I never smoked or did anything else that would otherwise stain my teeth. Yet, I found myself avoiding the camera for an abundance of reasons, but the reason at the forefront was my slightly yellowed teeth – gross.

When I first started feeling subconscious about my smile, at home whitening strips were just becoming a thing. I hoped on that train so fast. I remember the frustration of putting the strips on, only for them to slide off my teeth minutes later. I switched to whitening tooth paste and have been using it for several years without really seeing the results I was aiming for.

Enter Smile Brilliant.

An at home, custom fitted, dentist approved, teeth whitening kit. Oh and the icing on the cake- made in America.

I got the initial box and at first, I’ll be honest, I had a few flashbacks to my days with braces when I saw the putty to make my impressions in. I quickly got over it and got to work.

A few days after sending the impressions out, I got back my custom whitening trays. I was alerted via email through the whole process of where they were and was contacted if there were any issues (which there were not).

Right before I walk out the door, I open up a syringe of whitening gel, apply it to my whitening trays and put on the trays. I leave them on through my commute, daycare drop off, and the jigsaw puzzle that is finding a good spot in the parking garage. I hustle my butt into the bathroom, take the trays out give my mouth and trays a quick rinse, and head into my office. BAM.

I noticed a slightly brighter smile after only my second application. I was amazed. I had tried FOR YEARS with other products and here, after only two days, I was noticing the results I had been trying to achieve for so long.

Aside from noticing the results I had searched for, it was easy. I have three kids, a husband, a dog, a full time out of the home career, my own life, and this blog. To say my time is valuable is an understatement. I am go-go-go from the moment my alarm goes off to the second I fall asleep putting the kids to bed. These trays are a piece of cake and add almost no time to my mornings.

I’ve been on a path to self-care for a bit of time now. Paying more attention to myself and reminding my family that I am a priority too. I make sure I get regular time to myself for a little R&R, and I haven’t made it to the gym yet, but it’s on the list. Now I am able to check this item off my list, whiter teeth- achieved!

Are you a multitasking mom? Do you want effortlessly whiter teeth, but don’t think you have the time? Well you do. And now you have the chance to do it FO’ FREE.




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