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If you follow me on Instagram you saw that over the long weekend I got the craft bug. I packed all the kidos in the car while my husband worked and we took a field trip to hobby lobby – where as I told my mother – Christmas was on sale. All Christmas decor was 40% off that day and I just couldn’t pass up a sale. I had probably been spending a bit too much time on Pinterest lately and honestly probably shouldn’t have gone, you know how they tell you not to grocery shop on an empty stomach? Kind of the same idea, I brought home a lot of stuff.

One thing I have had my eye on for a while was this awesome and easy/simple looking Christmas Ornament Wreath.


I honestly never even traveled to the page the picture lives on because I felt like the images were enough for me to build it. So I got some ornaments, ribbon and a command hook all at 40% off and headed home (with a bunch of other stuff that I’ll post about soon).

I traveled into the closet to find a metal coat hanger from my husbands recently picked up dry cleaning and got to work.

img_2876I followed the directions exactly how they are shown above. Sadly, I did not buy enough ornaments in the first trip. So the project was put on hold. But I had left over cranberry juice and hard cider, so I enjoyed a break and waited for my mom (who wanted to make one as well) to finish her dinner so she could come pick me up and we could go get more supplies. I was crafting and sipping and wasn’t planning on going out again, so I told her she had to drive if she wanted to make one (and because I was giving her a hanger, I figured it was a fair trade). img_2875

Once we got back from hobby lobby with yet ANOTHER large tower of ornaments, I was able to finish. I didn’t count them, sorry, but it took two and a half of these towers (over to the right) to make one wreath for our door. Excuse the baby thigh in the picture – we live on the second floor and the people down stairs like their heat, so it gets hot.

And now I know you are chomping at the bit to see the end result.


Lessons learned

While this project was so easy and simple – I am not sure I would do it again. It was great that the boys could help me thread the ornaments on to the hanger to make it and I love creating stuff with them. The hanger is not strong enough to support the weight of the ornaments. Individually they are light (plastic) and even in the tower they are still light, but together they are too much for the wire. You can see it in my picture, the wreath is not truly round. My mom had the same result, in hanging the wreath from one point, it forces the wreath to turn more oval than round. I think next year I will try gluing them to a wire wreath frame.


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