Not sorry, another challenge

By: Lauren Redfern

Have you ever gone through your day saying sorry to random people in Target, the grocery store, coworkers, or even your spouse and children?

This past winter, I was perusing my favorite sections at my local Target, when I realized I had profusely apologized to nearly ten random strangers throughout the store.

Ten people who I had inflicted no pain or emotional distress upon (at least I don’t believe). Ten strangers in a matter of minutes who I had most certainly done no wrong to. I don’t know when I picked up this little habit of profusely apologizing to folks in the store, but I realized it was getting out of hand. I noticed it happens even more when I am looking for something and they come into the aisle looking in the exact same section.

I left the store that day thinking.

Even wonder why when people apologize it doesn’t seem like it means as much?  

Do you ask your spouse or children if they are actually sorry?  (I do and so does my husband)

I over apologize for everything and it has begun to make my sincerest apologies seem less, or in some cases not sincere.

For instance, I am a habitual late person to work.  I don’t know why work is really the only thing I am late for but it’s who I am.  I used to apologize to my boss every. single. morning. when I’d walk into work about 15 minutes after I was due to be there. I am positive she no longer believed I was sorry about my tardiness by week two.  And who would blame her? Abusing the word sorry, made it lose it’s true meaning.

This past March, I challenged myself to a month of not saying sorry.  I told my closest lady friends about the pet project and they were so excited to hear the results.


Not apologizing (in cases when it isn’t necessary) is HARD!


I struggled every single time I went into a store and I’m sure I failed a time or two but at the end of the month I felt like a more sincere person who said what she meant.

One other thing that changed over the course of this, “month of not sorry” was I started feeling better about myself.  You don’t realize how crappy you can feel when you are constantly saying sorry.  It really brings you down and makes you feel like you are always in the wrong.

I challenge you to make yourself a happier person and everyone else around you will thank you for taking the not sorry challenge.



About Lauren; 

Lauren Redfern is a full-time fundraiser, part-time hand letterer, and football wife.  Recently she created her own hand lettering business in which she hopes to one day open her own stationery store.  She also is a lover of all things cheese, mini dachshunds and a weekly reader of From North to South. Follow her on IG @redferncreativeco

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