Why I will NOT be retiring my husband (or self) any time soon

Running a business is hard work. From North to South is still young and developing but much like another child, it is sucking more and more of my life out of me. I am not writing to tell you that I just can’t keep up anymore and that this is the end of From North to South- no way! I have developed tools, organization hacks and masterminded my way into this adventure with every intention of keeping everything that I currently have on my plate.

From North to South will forever remain my side hustle. A place to vent, help other mama’s with my unique set of organization skills, and bring in a little something extra so I can buy crap at target without flak. It will never become a full-time source of income. Which also means, I have no intention of leaving my job. Ever. I mean, until I really retire that is, at the ripe age of 65+.

And If I’m not leaving, neither is he.

It’s not just for the sake of being petty, if I can’t, he can’t. There are so many reasons. I have seen a lot of news about this lately, almost daily;

I’m retiring my husband from x career because of z business. 

I just can’t see this happening in my family. There are far too many factors to keep me from jumping in and retiring either of us now…

My family is never going to need less.

As a family of five, consisting of three growing children and a husband and wife pair who are always down to eat, our Costco membership will be renewed every year and weekly trips to buy economy sized everything will forever be a thing. The children will continually grow out of clothes, rip clothes and otherwise demolish their second hand wardrobes. We will go through a handful of washers and dryers because they will be running on a nonstop loop. The ED will inevitably know our family well from the number of visits we’ll make, that were caused by a siblings favorite words “I bet you won’t”, and the medical bills will never end.

There is always going to be something to pay for. Always.

Both the hubs and I work in fields that are not likely to go through a phase out. Our income is steady and with our inevitable cash out the door due to raising a family, we could never give it up.

I can leave work at work

When I punch that proverbial clock at 4:31 Monday through Friday, I get to leave everything behind. I don’t have to worry about bottom dollar, staff morale, or anything else. To be clear, I do often worry about these things, but not to the point that keeps me up, because in the end, these are not things that I can or want to control.

I am also able to give my children my full attention when I am with them. I am not answering business inquiries while my 3 year old yells “MOMMY watch me”. I am not spending hours late night 7 days a week, putting my relationship at risk to work on my business.

Fear of the fad phase out

There I said it. I fear that this current fad of working from home for yourself, whether it’s multi-level marketing, personal coaching, or even high level blogging income, will eventually phase out. Just like bell-bottom jeans, Lisa Frank and thousands of other things. Hell even pampered chef is making its way back into the main stream.

I am not saying don’t do these things. I am not bashing the people who have made millions doing it. That’s great. You found a product you believe in and you got in the game early. I am saying that I would never be able to dive all in to something like this. I fear the phase out. I have many, many years until retirement, I have three kids who may want to go to college, hell I still have my own student loan debt to pay off.

But, Katie I am on the track to make six figures. Don’t you want that?

That’s great for you! I am so proud and happy for you. It’s just not for me. The risk of failure is not one I can take. I am not one to put all my eggs in one basket.

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  1. I can’t agree with you more on this. There is enough uncertainty in 9 to 5 jobs these days; there is even more in the current WAH movement. For that reason, my side hustles will remain just that – on the side. 🙂

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