no f*cksgiving

I have run out of cares and I am done adulting, so we are doing things a little different this year. Typically we drive the ten plus hours to my mother-in-laws house and spend thanksgiving with my husband’s family, which includes; four grown kids and spouses, his mother and stepdad and our six other nieces and nephews plus our three. Each year the group has grown, I remember when it was Richard, his brother and I sitting there, Richard and I were still dating at the time and we would have a quiet day of parade watching, eating and relaxing. Oh how times have changed. This year with Chloe still so young (and hates thenof-cksgiving car) and Richard working on Friday (living that dealership life) we just couldn’t do the trip. This year we are on our own and we have planned to do things a bit differently, because as previously stated, I have run out of cares.


To avoid the chaos of cooking a huge turkey for Richard and I because (1) we all know that the kids will take one look at it and ask for a hot dog – (2) we’ll have leftovers ‘for days’ because we cooked entirely too much food for two adults and two mini humans – we are cooking turkey burgers. Yes you heard right – turkey. burgers. I’ll give you a look as to what our menu for No F*cksgiving looks like;

  • Turkey Burgers cooked to perfection on our George Foreman which we have had since before children, as it is made to cook a meal for two, topped with mashed potatoes and drizzled with some lovely jared turkey gravy.
  • For sides we will have some delicious boxed stuffing which I might make on the stove top, or since we are being honest, I will probably just toss all that shit in the microwave. Once that stuffing is zapped to perfection from the microwave, I will toss a bag of the green giant steamfresh corn in there.
  • I know what you’re thinking, cranberry sauce! I said the same thing to my husband. Then he said two words and I fell in love with him all over again. Cranberry Cocktail. He reminded me that no matter how hard I would try to make that can of wiggly, red, gel goo look cool to the boys, they would have no interest in eating it and I would be stuck eating the entire jar by spoon alone. So alcohol to the rescue and adult cranberry cocktails it is!

After we finish our meal, I expect minimal clean up- with the exception of that damn grill which is always a pain to clean. But, once that is done the real fun can begin – CHRISTMAS DECORATING. Yes, time to crank up the christmas music, turn Elf on and deck the damn halls.


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