Busy Mom’s Guide to Balance

Over time I realized that when I became a mom,  I was having trouble juggling everything, I desperately needed mom-life balance, I misplaced a bit of who I was.. Yes I said misplaced, I didn’t lose myself in becoming a mom, in fact, I found that I was capable of so much more than I had originally known.

I learned…

  • That I had so much more love to give than I even thought possible. Yes, I know it’s kind of cliché, ok completely cliché, but true. Very true.
  • I didn’t need as much sleep as my teenage and college-self thought I did. And of course, so much more.
  • I no longer needed a gym membership, as chasing after my children would supply plenty of exercise.
  • I would find my husband even more attractive than before when I watched him interact with our minis.
  • That I wasn’t really as patience as I thought I was (but I’m working on it).
  • And So. Much. More.

As one would assume, with all this knowledge flowing in, I felt overwhelmed in my new role.

With all these things I had to learn, schedules to juggle, and lunches to keep up with, how could I find the time to do anything other than mom? My cup was already so full.

But just as when you fill a cup to the brim with water, there is only so much room before it over flows and water is displaced. As a new mom, trying to do everything on top of adjusting to my new role, I forgot to get myself a bigger glass. The time in the day was still there (remember the whole, not needing as much sleep as I thought), I just needed to remind myself what was important to me. Sitting on the couch for two hours at night, completely mesmerized by some crap reality show, or the third straight season of [insert favorite show to binge watch here] was all well and good, but it didn’t need to happen every night the second the kids went to bed. I needed to reorganize. I just needed to plan. I needed balance.

I took some time and I planned. I planned so hard. I reorganized and I got down to business. I started making myself a priority by following some simple steps.

Here I am many months later, after lots trails and even more errors, with balance [cue heavenly lights, signing angels and rejoicing].

Wow Katie, great for you.

Woah, OK with the attitude, I am here to help you.

I have put together something that I am really proud of and I know will be helpful. After my journey to the illusive ‘balance’ I took some time to decompress. As a result, I present to you; Having It All;  A Busy Mom’s Guide to Balance. The key to beginning your path to a balanced life (aka this book) will not break the bank either. Get your copy for only $8.50 and have access to the wealth of information for years to come.





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