#momlife; tips for finding mom and life balance with kids [part 2]

Alright, you’re here because you’re crazy like me and have more than one kid, and you need to get a handle on balancing #momlife and your life. It’s hard, trust me, but IT CAN BE DONE.

Before I go any further- if you only have one little wonderful human, check out this post about balancing life with one little human.

On to the knowledge!

Alright, so now on to balancing life with a baby and other kids. 

Why should you take my advice?

Well, I’ll tell you. I have three beautiful and healthy children #blessed, a wonderful supportive and engaged husband/daddy, a career, and a blog. There are lots of things going on in my life right now and I’ll be honest, I don’t feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t feel like I have too much on my plate and I feel like I am able to give attention to each and every thing in my life.

Here”s how:

Tip 1  – Only have one kid

Tip 1.1 – If you must  have more than one kid, learn how to baby wear! The earlier you start the better off you’ll be. This has been my biggest savior. It’s seriously the only way I am able to get things done.

I get home from the hustle that is afternoon pick up around 5:30 every night. I toss the baby in the carrier and get to work on making dinner (mac and cheese has been a big hit lately). It keeps my floors dry (little miss likes to use the dogs water bowl as a water table) and I am able to power through.

If you can’t babywear (physically or baby just doesn’t like it) invest in a good swing/rocker. We have a swing that works well for us, it’s a lifesaver when I just can’t have a human strapped to my body, but it’s also 5 years old, so they may not even make it anymore. I have heard amazing things about the 4moms mamaroo. It may be expensive, but your sanity and ability to do things is a worthy investment.

Tip 2. Build a routine

Clean the bathrooms on Tuesday’s. Kitchen Wednesdays, etc. following a schedule for cleaning helps so that you aren’t leaving it all for the weekend. We used to save everything for the weekend, but then our weekends were consumed by cleaning. Now we have more time together.

Make them for your kids too. Routine check lists have been awesome at our house (sign up here to get one fore free!). If they know how the morning or night goes, they are less likely to be at your heels asking what to do next. If you create a chart that they can easily follow they can be more independent allowing you to have a little more time (use this time for extra baby snuggles, peeing alone, eating a cookie, etc.)

Tip 3. Find what fills your cup and make time for it

What fills your cup? What makes you happy? Brings you joy? Aside from your family, I know you love them, please say something else.

My blog makes me happy. I love to write and to share my occasionally misunderstood sarcasm with the world. It fills my cup. So I make time for it. When you are able to do the things that fill your cup (especially away from your family) you are a happier more relaxed and better mama, wife and whatever else.

Tip 4. Open communication

I touched upon this in tip 3 for life with one kiddo, but it is still just as important.

With your partner, having more than one little human constantly at your throat asking for your attention, gets exhausting and overwhelming. Be sure that you are open and vocal with your partner. Let them know when you need them to step and be sure that they know that they need to let you know when they need you to step in.

As for your employer, with more kids come more schedules to juggle. It’s times like these when working for a family friendly employer is key. You don’t need the stress of work guilt when you have to take your sick child to the Dr. or stay home with them, even though you were just out last week because kid number one got it, and it’s making its rounds.

Be honest when you are out and why. I’ve sent emails at 3AM when I’ve been up with a sick child because I knew I wasn’t going to be in.

I want to hear from you you – how do you find balance?

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