true life mom confessions: coffee

Are you sitting down? Because I have some possible earth shattering news. I am a mom (of three) and I. don’t. drink. coffee. It feels soo good to get that off my chest! Seriously like a weight lifted.

I’ll give you a moment to collect your jaw off the floor.

Now that we’ve laid out the cold hard truth, let me make something clear, when I say I don’t drink coffee, I mean in the religious, don’t talk to me until I have my coffee, I need it to survive, why hasn’t someone made a coffee IV drip yet kind of way. Sure I’ll enjoy a small iced milk and sugar coffee flavored beverage once in awhile, but that’s my cap. Iced coffee (if you could even call it that form the amount of cream and sugar I put in) is all I can handle.

I hope we can still be friends now that I’ve exposed my deepest secret.

Here’s the kicker, I don’t crave caffeine from anywhere else either. I don’t substitute a morning coffee for tea. I don’t buy Redbull by the case at Costco. And I don’t chug 5 hour energy daily.

I am still a [relatively] functioning human and mom. I don’t pray to any ancient god to give me the strength and energy of a billion year old demigod (is that a thing? I’m sure it is somewhere). I just go. I roll out of bed in the morning and just start going.

Let’s clear this up before I continue, I am not bashing you mama. The mama that can’t function without her morning cup of coffee. The mom that can’t leave the house without her coffee. Or the mom that will drink her room temp coffee to get the boost she needs to power through the battle that is breakfast with a toddler.

We each have our own thing, and yours in coffee. I get it. And I respect it.

In turn, I ask that you respect (though you may not understand) the fact that I don’t drink, need, or live off of coffee.

For those that are curious, I’ll offer up my substitutes, or what I do that I believe gives me the energy I need to get through the day without that hot cup of caffeine kick to the heart.

I drink lots of water. And by lots I mean upwards of 70 oz a day if not more. And that’s all I really drink. I don’t do soda. I’ll down the occasional sports drink (not gatorade/powerade)  for the extra electrolytes while I am still breastfeeding. Maybe a lemonade on the rare occasion we are out to eat. And of course there’s the ‘good stuff’ (beer, hard cider, tequila, etc.), I will not pretend like I am all high and mighty here, there’s always a bottle of something in the fridge.

Walking, I do that a lot too. When I start to feel tired at my desk, we’ve established that I don’t reach for a cup of coffee, instead I go for a walk. I find that getting up and  moving around helps get everything going again and I’m awake.

So don’t you worry about me, I get by just fine without coffee. Somehow.

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