Now I’m a Believer [lip sense review]

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Just as my 5 year old has started to question the validity of the statement ‘I have eyes in the back of my head’ I questioned a lip colors ability to stay on my lips, all day, without: crumpling, dulling, or smudging.

I called tomfoolery.

Then I met Brandí. Brandí is a hard working mama who happens to write for our local City Mom’s Blog as well and is a Lip Boss.

Brandí is a lip boss for lip sense (if you haven’t caught on yet- this is what I am talking about). Lip Sense is designed to last for many hours and is smudge proof. Yes, you can kiss your kids, drink your wine, and eat your cookies without a worry. You can swim, run, sunbathe, sweat, and do a multitude of other things and not have to worry about your lip color. And while all this sounds great, I just still wasn’t sure.

Seeing is believing right?

So I tried it.

Brandí came over and we swatched my hand and ended up with bombshell. She walked me through all the details about how to apply the color (with the warning that because it is alcohol based, it may sting a bit when applied), and the gloss. She sent me texts with expert tips to make your application last. I was set.

Well here I am at the end of my first two weeks, addicted. Yupp. I wear this shit every day (that I remember/am able to put it on before leaving the house). Here are the things I learned in my first two weeks;

  1. Make sure your lips are clean before you apply the color. Mine weren’t the first time and my color didn’t set right. I had to clean it off and try again.
  2. It does sting. Just like when you use an alcohol wipe on a cut. It last for a second then it’s gone.
  3. Resist every urge you have to rub your lips together between layers. Wait until you put the gloss on. Seriously, you’ll ruin it and have to start over.
  4. Take selfies. There is something about lip color that makes you feel pretty. Learn your angles and snap away.
  5. Apply gloss throughout the day. Regularly. About to eat- put some on. Just finished eating – put some on. Just put some on 15 minutes ago – put some on.
  6. Use the gloss even on days when you don’t use color. I use the gloss on days when we’ve all slept in and the beauty routine is just not happening.
  7. Reapply. If you’re going from the office/home to a night out (which we all know is far and few between) you may have to reapply the color. I haven’t experienced this yet, because I leave the office and head home, and hustle from dinner to play to bed so there is no second application for me.

I was unsure. I was reluctant to try it. And now all I can say is I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

Want to have awesome, lasting color too? Reach out to Brandí via her Facebook group or on IG

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