Ending the Taboo of Death; How to Speak to your Children Openly and Honestly

I want to talk about a taboo topic; Death. It baffles me that this topic is so taboo. Something that happens to everyone, EVERYONE, is so hush-hush, has set a family mission. Death is not a taboo topic in our house. We talk about it regularly. We talk about the people we’ve lost near daily. Most of it is due to events that happened in my life and my husbands. Let me elaborate….

After suffering a heart attack severe enough to require that stints be places in his valves, my dad had been given the all clear to resume regular activity. Not long after the all clear, he got into a motorcycle accident and was in critical condition. My life and family changed forever that day. My mom became a widow and I became fatherless.

Now for my husbands story, taking place many years before we met. His fathers battle with cancer became more serious, visits that used to consist of building bicycles, and sitting in the gradall that his dad operated, turned to emotionally difficult visits to medical centers.

I truly believe that this huge commonality is one of the things that makes our partnership so strong. We do our best to keep our dads alive from our memories and share everything great about them with our kiddos.

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