Branding 101; make it pretty

You don’t need a degree in graphic design to sell yourself

After coming up with a niche, name and slogan, I think picking my logo and branding my site was the most fun for me.  I have always had an appreciation for creative things and I finally got a chance to go whatever direction I wanted versus the direction that a company or customer wanted to go. My creative juices were able to flow and I ran with it.

Your brand is going to represent you. You want people to see these things that represent your site standing alone and immediately think of your site. Think of some big names, your favorite brands, if you saw their logo or even just their colors without their name, would you recognize them? Most likely the answer is yes. You want that same thing for your site. You want to pick colors and a logo that represent you and the feeling you want your site to give people.


Start by finding your inspiration. Look at some of your favorite site, their colors and their logos. When I first started my site, my colors where mainly blue and gold.

When I asked for feedback, a lot of people said it had too much of a collegiate feel. And, once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it. It upset me at first, but once I realized they were right, I needed to change it. I added a salmon/pink color and moved the blue to secondary and gold after white. So my current color pallet looks more like this;


My logo evolved a lot since I started. I finally found something that I can stand by. I feel like it fits my site well and is recognizable when it stands alone. I have the big main logo, a secondary logo and a submark




Lastly I have my fonts. I love fonts. I love hand lettering and calligraphy. I have a header, title and sub text font. I picked three that balance each other out when they all appear in the same place. There are plenty of style guides out there, but I usually live by the block, fancy and thin rule to pick fonts. You have to careful with the fancy rule, your font AWLAYS needs to be legible. Here are my three, which follow my block, fancy and thin rule.

All together now

Everything from your site to your pinable images need to represent your brand. I carry my brand through everything that I create. From my pins to any additional ads or marketing material I create.


The How

I do not have a degree, certification or any type of endorsement in graphic design or anything related. I am entirely self-taught and use a program called Canva. It is the easiest tool in your blogging tool belt that you’ll use. They have awesome videos to walk you through using the application and you can even download the app to use it on your mobile device. Best part- IT’S FREE. Yep. The basic version is free and to be honest, if you are doing this as a side hustle the free is all you’ll need. There are other parts of the site, such as certain images and icons that you have to pay to use, but you should be able to do most of your basic without dropping a cent.



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