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You’re here because you want something. You are either like I was, looking for an outlet, someplace I could call my own and share things with others OR you are looking for a way to bring in a little extra income, a side hustle, so you can buy yourself that bag at target without flak from your partner. I started blogging for the first reason, but then, I realized I could make some extra money and buy ALL. THE. THINGS. At target and never have to hear my husband bitch about it again. My money, my rules.

I want you to have the same thing. I want you to have the freedom to buy that fucking purse, get a haircut that costs more than $30, or send yourself on vacation. Yes, this is all possible. BUT it’s going to take time, it won’t happen over night. If you’re looking for a get rich quick type of deal, blogging for income is for sure NOT for you. BUT if you’re in this for the long hall, and awesome friendships (yes you make awesome friends that live all over the world) then this is for you.

It’s going to take several posts, but I’m going to walk you through the steps to get started. I’ll outline everything that you need to do, and I’ll even let you in on the mistakes I made so hopefully you can avoid the things that slowed me down

Our topics

  1. Defining your niche; what am I all about
  2. HOSTest with the mostest; Self Hosted 101 – The who, how and what the hell of starting and building a self-hosted site
  3. Make it pretty; Branding 101 – You don’t need a degree in graphic design to sell yourself
  4. Write it and they will come; Content 101 – How to write content that will keep them coming back
  5. The good Traffic; bringing readers to your site and building your reader pipeline
  6. Doing if fucking all; Organization 101 – Keep all your ducks in a row and keep things flowing

Some extra topics

  • Pinterest 101 – This is Pintastic!
  • Automation 101 – Letting robots do your work
  • Social Media 101 – Mastering social media for your site to drive traffic and engagement

These ‘extra topics’ will only be available to those who sign up to get the notification about each module. So If you like extras, I would suggest clicking the image down below that says ‘join the list to get notifications….’ so you can get notified and extras!

As each new module is available, it will become a clickable link. I post weekly, so be sure to keep up to date.

Hope you’re as excited as I am!


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