Happy birthday to me!

Annnnnd moving on.

I’ve clearly been absent, but for good reason! We’ve had a pretty crazy weekend. First off, we were supposed to move into our new apartment on the 15th, and that got pushed until the 19th. Then because I had friends in from out of town for a girls weekend (whoop whoop) Richard was going to power through moving the heavy stuff the morning of the 22nd and then we would head out of town upon their completion. Well, to let us leave earlier Saturday morning, Richard decided to power through moving stuff Friday night. All I can say is THANK GOD for our minivan and my awesome husband and friends. With all the seats out, he packed that thing tight, one trip had the L shaped sectional, another had a dresser, two twin mattresses and a king mattress. We were a power moving team! We even thought about going into business ‘Three girls and a man with a van’ – pretty catchy right?

Saturday morning after a bit of lounging and prepping, we hopped in the minivan and left for our girls weekend. My cousin has a beach house in Isle of Palms that we were going to stay at for the night. We got down there, hit the liquor store and headed to the house. We found this cute little place called Poe’s and ate a late lunch. It was so good- the nachos were awesome. And from what I heard from the other two, the fish tacos were amazing.

After lunch we headed back to the house, made some drinks and walked down to the beach, where we proceeded to take an absurd amount of timed photos at the pier. Lots of laughs and just a good time.

We ended up ordering take out and sitting on the couch in yoga pants, watching HGTv, discussing how cute Chip and Joanna Gaines are and making plans for the next get away. Of course there was more drinking.

It was an amazing weekend and I am so thankful for these ladies.

more tomorrow xo.

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