Today was a pretty uneventful day- which I guess is a good thing (though I do love those exciting days with lots happening – they keep you on your toes). It was a long day at work but thankfully an easy night at home.

With my two friends coming in from out of town for an extended weekend we needed to clean the house. We were supposed to move into our new apartment last Saturday but it wasn’t ready so the house is packed and a mess. Maddox helped pick up stray toys and organize the sea of boxing and packing supplies. Then I threw those sand covered, sweaty boys in the tub and vacuumed the house – mainly by the front door where shoes came off and half the school sandboxes were dumped.

Mini freezer pizzas and fruit cups for dinner? You bet!

We built some trains, read a billion books and went to bed.

I continued to clean after the wee ones were asleep until I realized that I what I really needed was that Oreo ice cream sandwich in the freezer and netflix. I plopped myself down on the couch and started to binge some Shameless (the US version). Shortly after Richard returned from his Wednesday night bike ride and proceeded to shower.

Sitting on the couch, I got a phone call from Richard (who mind you, was in the bathroom).

‘Why are there prenatal vitamins on the bathroom sink?’

“I threw them out then remembered A friend is taking them, so I grabbed them out of the garbage for her.”

“Are you sure? They are just so accessible”

I hung up and got back to enjoying my ‘netflix and chill’ (am I using that phrase right?).

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