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My husband is super picky. I mean like, the pickiest of the picky people when it comes to gifts. Over the past ten years we’ve celebrated countless holidays and special occasions and maybe one in every six or seven gifts, I get that jaw-dropping, you totally killed it, it’s just what I wanted reaction. Let’s just say my batting average isn’t the best. So it will come as no surprise that when, like most parents, we had prepped each other with the ‘we’re just doing cards with a note’ pep talk, I was overjoyed. The pressure was off. I can always give him the feels with some sweet sentimental words.

The Saturday before valentine’s day was craft day. So we busted out the craft supplies and I went to town on making the most superb honey I love you to the moon and back, romantic, sentimental card to give him all the feels.

Then I got an email and things shifted. I was one reply away from scoring the best, most awesome, jaw dropping, totally killing it gift ever.

Enter stage right, JORD woodwatches.

Before I blow you out of the water with this cool watch, let me remind you of one thing and tell you a second.

  1. I only write about things I like. A lot.
  2. My husband is a very outdoorsy guy. I mean we’re an outdoorsy family, but it really stems from his love of the outdoors. Like he spends hours reading about hiking trails, and what to pack in his hiking backpack, and scouring the ends of the internet to find the most lightweight, compact hiking stove he can find on our budget. That kind of love.

OK – to the watch.


This is the baby right here. The Dover Series Ebony and Rosewood. Swoon.

I was so excited that I couldn’t keep it from him and had to tell him about the watches impending arrival. So when it showed up at our door, we were both overjoyed.

One of the coolest things about this watch is it’s not just about the watch, it’s the experience. In fact, so much so that my husband has said this exact phrase several times. It starts when you open the box, you can smell the wood. From there, when you wind the watch (in this model particularly) you can hear and see the gears moving as you wind it. It actually made me think about all the things that we want done at the snap of our fingers. It made me remember all the moving parts it requires to get something running so smoothly. All the moving parts that aren’t always visible when the end result is present.

Back to the watch.

The watch came sized for him, from the measurements we provided through the directions on their measuring sheet. But we still had to pull out the jeweler tools and remove one more link for a perfect fit.

There are several other ‘outdoorsy’ guys at work and according to my husband they were all drooling over this watch. It was a hit. Even the non-outdoorsy guys were drooling.

JORDwoodwatches nailed this design and this watch. Everything about it.

Want to find one for yourself?

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How about WIN one?! YES SIR.

I am working with JORDWoodwatches to do a giveaway! Simply follow this link to enter for a chance at $100 towards a JORDWood watch. But because they’re awesome, EVERYONE’S A WINNER with $25 towards a watch purchase just for entering!

The contest will close 3/12 at 11:59pm.

Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on 5/31/2017.

Disclaimer: Opinions of brand/product(s) are those of the writer of this post. I did receive free product but was not compensated with money.

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