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I have to tell you about one of my most recent favorite new mom products….

The Soothe Shirt is amazing. It is a badass, get things done, kind of mom product. It is a nursing tank and babywearing shirt all in one.

Just a few notes before I get started:

  • Be sure to follow their sizing guide, the shirts are tight (they’re made to be) so you want it to fit right so that it is providing the necessary support
  • It’s designed for babies UP TO 15 lbs. So it’s ideal for the first month or so – depending on your baby’s size

Why I love this product

Shortly after Chloe was born, I was spending my days in the NICU with her. I binge watched junk TV and searched for the end of the internet, when of course, I wasn’t getting snuggles or trying to nurse her. I came across the Soothe Shirt on instagram, thought it was a cool product and did some more digging then decided to order one.

The day we were getting ready to bring Chloe home, I stopped at the house to grab lunch and to my joyous surprise, the shirt was there on my door step. Since that day it has been a staple in our life. So much so that I ordered a second.

I throw this shirt on the second I walk in the door from school pick up after work. It’s that crazy time of night when she’s not really happy without being held, but I still have two other mouths to get dinner ready for. I put Chloe in the soothe shirt and off I go.

We also just recently traveled up north and I wore the shirt to the airport. Going through security was a breeze. I didn’t have to take her out of a bulky carrier for them to check. She was a sleep and got to stay that way. I was able to keep her close on the plane, and again, didn’t have to struggle with the straps of a carrier or the extra thousand yards of a wrap to get her back on me when our flight landed. I simply stood up and walked off. BAM. I don’t know how I traveled with the other two before I had this. Oh wait, I didn’t.

Because those first few weeks of prime bonding were spent in the NICU, I feel like the shirt helped us make up for lost time. It was hard to bond in the NICU, so many wires, alarms, nerves and stress – I really felt like I missed out on the time I had gotten with the other two in the seconds, moments and days after they were born. I am so thankful I found this and that it is actually amazing,  I am able to put her in the shirt, calm her down and she just looks right up at me. It’s the best view.

The Company

In addition to all these reasons, I also love their company. The company was started by a husband and wife team who were inspired by a woman in Africa named Lalabu. They loved the way baby wearing was integrated into their life style. The shirts are made in the USA. AND they just launched one for DADS! They also give 2% back to the women of Africa. Really full circle and I love it. You can read more about their story on their website.


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