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Two months.  We thought two months would be nothing. Families have done it for longer and under worse circumstances. We’d be able to FaceTime every night, text and call whenever. We knew it wouldn’t be easy but we’d survive.

Reality check.

It f*!#ing sucks.

We are a month in and I am about ready to say sorrynotsorry to my employer, throw the boys and the dog in the van and brave the 16 hour drive alone.

I’ll back up, in early July my husband went down to Columbia, South Carolina for a job interview. We’ve been trying to get south for quite some time and this was the second lead we got. After a 24 whirlwind of a trip down, he was offered the job. We thought long and hard, is this the right move for us? Is this the right time? Do we want to live there? Etc. He accepted and we started packing up our home. We packed everything we owned in a matter of a few weeks and moved it to my mothers house.  We had to be out of our house so the landlord could find new tenants and we could be released of our lease.

Step one- done.

The boys, Cabela and I moved into my mothers house. Between all the four legged friends and humans in this house it’s like the Brady Bunch. Three cats, two dogs, two kids and three adults who each feel as equally unfomfortable (my mom remarried a few years back). I have a bookshelf in the kitchen with “our food” on it, some of our dishes and the boys lunch boxes. We are living out of suitcases and laundry baskets.

Step two- in process.

Step three- not close enough.

My last day at my job, with the most amazing co workers and boss is on the 30th of this month and we leave October 3rd.

Each night I battle my oldest who only wants his dad or someone to lay with him while he falls asleep at the same time trying to put the baby down who will not yet go to sleep alone. The same bed was attempted but a queen just dose not fit three.

I am the fun and I am the meanie. For the time being I am essentially a single mom. I get it now. For me, this is temporary. I have a newfound respect for those that go at it alone each day and do it all, for the little person that never signed up for this.


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