Self Hosted 101; HOSTest with the MOSTest

The who, how and what the hell of starting and building a self-hosted site


When I started my blog, I started a free blog at, now pay attention to what comes after the dot because it makes a huge different. Starting with (FREE) allowed me to make sure I was serious about this adventure.

I spent several months “testing the waters” so to say, and making sure this was something I could keep up with if I was going to make the real investment.

After several months of writing here and there, I realized that I enjoyed what I was doing and was ready to take the next step. So I saved all my content to a google docs and deleted my site (since I was changing the name, direction, niche and pretty much everything about the site). I bought my domain, updated the content I wanted to recycle onto the new site and got it up and running.

I DO NOT recommend doing it this way.

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When you’re ready to get serious, you want to be self-hosted. This allows you much more freedom with what goes on your site and your stream of income down the road should you choose to take that path.

I went with Bluehost and I have been so happy with their services. I was also used to the functionality of WordPress (through my mistake I mentioned above, DON’T DO IT) and wanted to keep up with that. I also liked the options for layouts and the way the sites I had seen flowed and functioned from the customer end. I would recommend signing up for a 12 month or longer plan. Let’s walk through this.

Head to Bluehost and we’ll go through this together.

Domain Registration

You came up with a domain when you worked through the Niche 101 workbook. Now it’s time to make it official.

Walk through the directions on the Bluehost page to get your new domain registered. I recommend signing up for at least 12 months because the more months you sign up for the lower your hosting costs are. 36 months gets you’re the best/lowest price – this is what I did. A three year commitment – I got serious and you should too!


Now that you’ve got your domain and hosting set up, it’s time to install WordPress. Guess what- it’s free!

This is called your C-Panel (Yours may look different)

Navigate down to the website header and select install WordPress. Be sure to install on the domain you just created (if you have more than one for some reason).

Once it’s installed, click through to Advanced Options to set up your username and password to create your WordPress account. Food for thought, this is your website and your name is attached to it and you love it, so pick a good, strong password. Password1234 is NOT a secure password.


BAM you did it! You have a domain and you’re self-hosted!

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