and then there were three; pregnancy milestones with the first vs. third


Today we announced to the world of social media that our family is expanding -with a girl! And we all know, it wasn’t really official that she’d be joining our family in July until we made a very public post about

While it may sound silly, I was excited for this moment. I spent some time researching ideas on Pinterest for unique ways to tell the world. Last night I sat down with each of the boys and trace their hands. I then cut them out, and drew a little pink foot (which hubs claims is far too big to be realistic). This was honestly the most time I have spent on any of these announcements. I am happy I did, because everything else just flew by.

I skipped a few milestones and flew past a few others, but it seems to be the norm once you enter the world of multiple kids.

Pregnancy Announcement

First: Complete some elaborate scheme involving the entire population of the town preforming a flash dance to Vanilla Ice, filmed by a professional videographer. Post to YouTube, become internet famous, get on Ellen with newborn baby en-tow.

Second: Search Pinterest for cute, but economical ideas, because you have to be financially responsible bringing another expensive little person into the world. You decide that you’ll do the ‘only child expiring …’ idea and set up an in home photo shoot with a sheet, an uncooperative toddler, and your iPhone.

Third: Go back to the same secret pregnancy announcement board you created when you found out about the second. See what idea shows up the least and go with that. Or just the simple Facebook status update.

Gender Reveal

First: Request that the tech put the gender on a piece of paper and into an envelope. Then summon you carrier pigeon (you’ve been carrying in your bag, because no fucks given about an avian flu breakout in the baby dr. office) to grab it and fly directly to the bakers you’ve had on retainer, so that they can start to create the gender reveal cake for your party that afternoon.

Second: You don’t find out because surprises are fun!

Third: Surprises are not fun. Shit’s getting real and we need to know who is going to run the house (boys or girls).

Maternity Photos

First: Call up your photographer. Tell her to put on her hiking gear, grab some gender appropriate colored flairs and meet you in the mountains. You tell her she can’t miss you because you’ll be the one wearing a white, semi revealing (but tasteful) dress with a 30 foot trail that your partner will be holding up in the air to give the illusion that you are mother nature and the perfect breeze is blowing (of course your photographer is an ace at photoshop and can cut him out of the photo)

Second: You’re getting closer to the end of your pregnancy so squeeze into something cute, grab the camera, the kid, and your partner and head to the back yard for an impromptu photo shoot.

Third: As you stare down at the baby bump that is about to shrink (only a bit) because you’re in the hospital bathroom changing into a gown, you’re not really sure you have a belly shot anywhere. You walk out of the bathroom and demand your partner take a photo now before the baby is in your arms.

Newborn Photos

First: You throw up the bat signal and your photographer shows up to come in and capture every wonderful moment of the birth on film for you. They also take a shit ton of photos of your new family and all the love. You hire them to take three month photos, six month, nine month and 1 year photos too.

Second: You splurge for a lifestyle session at home with your new little one and their excited sibling.

Third: One of the nurses (not covered in bodily fluids) sees your phone on the table and snaps a quick photo for you.

Birth Announcement

First:  A carefully selected photo from your in hospital photo shoot is selected and added to hand crafted paper from trees you planted when you got married. Each envelope is hand addressed to adoring family members by a professional calligrapher, sealed with a wax stamps of your newborns monogram and delivered by the carrier pigeon you used to deliver the gender to the baker.

Second: A few hours after the baby has made their grand entrance to the world, you send a picture via text to close family with the babies stats. Then sometime that night you post something to social media.

Third: A few days after baby is born, people are starting to notice that you’ve taken a social media hiatus. You finally find the time to post to the world that your wonderful bundle of joy was born last week and you’ve been busy adjusting to life as a family of five.


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