Defining your niche; what are you all about

Your niche, your focus. This, IMO, was the HARDEST part about starting a blog. I knew I wanted to write about the things that mattered most to me, but would someone else (besides my mom) really want to read it?

The answer is yes. There will always be someone out there to read what you are writing. BUT if you really want to have awesome, shareable content and make an income, you need to niche down, pick a topic and dive in.

Here are a few of some of my favorite sites

Coffee grace and tomato paste – Danielle is the place to go for organization, whether for your meal planning, or finances

Little Prince Leopold – Ayana is the master of mom/kid product reviews

Modern Day Hippie Mama – Sam is a word smith, she uses her powers to bring a smile to your face

Super Sirrious Mom – Sirri puts a great humorous spin on every aspect of motherhood

This Toddler Life – Holly writes mainly about minimalism and Montessori

These sites each have something great and different to offer.

I hope you’re feeling inspired, because now it’s time to think. Use this workbook to get started on discovering your niche. The blue text is for you to work through, and I have worked through the book as well in the pink text using my site as an example.

Don’t speed through this and decide in 10 minutes. I’ll be honest, I already had my site up and running for several months before I found my niche. The reason I am putting this module first is because honestly, had I actually taken the time to find my niche first, I would have chosen a different name for my site. I don’t want you to feel trapped by the domain you pick. Take the time now to work through your thoughts.

Your name doesn’t have to reflect your niche, not at all. Your name can be anything, this is where branding will come into play. In the third module well dive into branding and why it’s so important.

In the next module we’ll talk about hosting, buying a domain and getting your site up and running.

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