this season’s hottest mom-essory [aka baby wearing]

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JK. It’s every season’s hottest accessory. Baby wearing.

In addition to the fact that I just love to wear my kids, the more kids I have, the more it becomes a necessity. There are so many different types of carriers you can choose to accent your motherhood with, I’ll walk you through my top three in their order of use by age/size with my kiddos and give you all the details.

Baby wearing should not be scary, or elusive. Women have been doing it for centuries. And for me, it just seemed the logical thing to do when I entered the word of more than one child. I needed a thousand more hands to make dinner, calm a cranky baby and entertain a toddler. The answer was simple and quickly became an every day part of our life.

Fast forward to today and I don’t think I go a day without baby wearing. It’s just a part of our life. To the point that my oldest requests to be wrapped up in the Boba (see no.2 below) so that he can be ‘super helpful’ (thanks Sir. Topham Hat) and wear the baby. My husband even joined the ‘hot dads who wear babies’ club a few years back. He loves wearing the baby, or our toddler. We even have a hiking pack (not mentioned below because it’s not a daily type of apparatus as it is clunky and cumbersome) that the hubs will wear out on the trails.

We’re a baby wearing family and you can be too!

one. Newborn [Soothe Shirt – Lalabu]

This carrier was brought to my attention with my third babe. I have actually written a review about it that has been featured on their website. This carrier is perfect for newborn babies and tiny NICU babies. It’s a shirt, so there no extra bulk, just you and the babe. And if it’s your first time baby wearing, this shirt is great, because of its simplicity, it’s not overwhelming with buckles and straps, or a million yards of fabric.

Name/Company: Soothe Shirt/Lalabu

Dollah dollah bills: $75

Child weight supported: 7-15lbs

Product in one word: newmomsbff (shhh it’s one word)


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two. Wrap it up [Boba]

Over the years I’ve rocked a Moby and a Boba. And for me I liked the fabric the Boba was made from that had some give v. the stiff cotton of the Moby. While I could have used the Boba with my infant I have come to appreciate it for the 5-12 month age. Not yet walking/running and still wanting and enjoying being as close to mom as possible. I also enjoy the wrap because when they aren’t in it, I can leave it on and it’s not hanging down around my waist like the buckle in carrier or taking up room in the diaper bag.

Name/Company: Boba Wrap

Dollah dollah bills: $39.95

Child weight supported: 7-35lbs

Product in one word: comfortable


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three. Tot [Original/Ergobaby]

I LOVE MY ERGO. I love it because of its versatility. I can toss the newborn insert in (or a rolled blanket) and wear the baby or throw it on my back and carry my toddler or even my preschooler! The Ergo is also great because my husband is comfortable using it. He loves to wear the kids and the Ergo is his favorite. It easy to use, easy to understand and comfortable. I can wear my toddler (or my preschooler who weigh the same) on my back without throwing it out and causing a trip to the chiropractor to get it reset.

Name/Company: Original/Ergo

Dollah dollah bills: $114 or $138 with infant insert

Child weight supported: 7-45lbs

Product in one word: allstar


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There are some other great carriers out there that I haven’t had the opportunity to use because I have been so pleased with the ones I have (and they’re damn expensive so I don’t horde them)



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