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We downloaded the KidloLand app the other day and it has been a life-saver. It’s rare to find an app that can occupy all three of my kids with age appropriate activities, but since KidloLand is for ages 0-5, we may be at the end of the line for my oldest, he still enjoyed it. Thank goodness we have more than one iPad, because the first night I downloaded it (just to my phone) and it looked like this.

Obviously my 5yo is addicted. It’s on my iPhone (but you can get it on android/amazon too), it’s interactive and he can do everything on it all on his own. I like it because I can give it to him and know that he is going to be occupied for a while and not end up anywhere he shouldn’t. It’s not like YouTube, where he can bounce around and be watching Wild Kratz one second, and some kids showing you how to make a dart gun the next.  He can jump from game to game, and I don’t have to worry – with his 5yo attention span, it’s key.

The bright colors and music also get my 2.5 year old excited. He of course likes anything his brother does, so if Maddox loves it, so does he. I actually got an uninterrupted shower in. Amazing I know.

But where KidloLand became a life-saver, was in the car.

Once a week my mom, the baby and I all have dinner out, just the three of us. Lately the car ride after dinner, when she’s tired but really wants some mommy love before she falls asleep, has been rough to say the least. I have tried lights on, lights around her mirror, music, new toys and a boatload of other things.

My mom was sitting in the back with the screaming child as we sat at a read light, I pulled up a nursery rhyme on the app and handed it to my mom and just told her to hold it so she could hear and see it. Wouldn’t you know she calmed herself down and PASSED OUT. LIFE- SAVER.

But don’t just take my word for it- try it out yourself

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