birthday party woes

My oldest is turning 5 this month and all I can say is fuck. I miss the days when we would play hooky and do a fun family activity like a trip to the aquarium or something indoors, because the poor kid was born in January. We’d grab a pizza or something easy on the way home, pick up a new movie and have a family movie pizza night. He’d open a few presents and bam– perfect birthday. Ah- those were the days.

Fast forward to recently – last month we go six invites to classmates birthdays. SIX. Every weekend consisted of at least one party if not two. Yes, I could have said ‘sorry but we can’t go to all of these’, but we are still new to the area and we went to all these parties for me as much as we are for him, I need some local mom friends.

So we packed into the car each day, put the address of the location I had never heard of on the opposite side of town into the GPS and we were on our way. Usually late, because we had to stop at the store and grab a gift card because this winner of a mom is so mean and never brought my son to the store to pick out a present for his friend.

Then I’d stand there for 2 hours talking about the teachers at the school, and agreeing about our disobedient children all as my 4yo scales the side of the three story play house at mickeyD’s, my 2yo tries to climb up the slide and the baby wants to eat. Then comes the melt down when I give the 5 minute warning. And lastly the good old ‘run and hide’ when I say it’s time to put shoes on and head home. The crying in the car because I am the meanest mom ever and he didn’t get to play as long as Johnny (who mind you, was putting his shoes on as we walked out the door). Then if I’m lucky, he’ll fall asleep on the 45 minute ride home.

Phew- it’s honestly exhausting just thinking/writing about.

So as I was saying, he turns 5 this month and I thought I had sorted out the perfect way to avoid the stress of a party. His favorite TV show is coming to the area for a live show and meet and greet. PERFECTION. He’ll get to see them in person. Meet them and talk to them. His mind will flip. He’ll lose it and we’ll be the best parents ever. WIN.


He did pick the meet and greet over the party but is now complaining that he won’t get any presents because none of his friends will be there. The tickets for this damn show are $40/person. FORTY-DOLLARS! So we can’t very well invite friends and pay for them, and it’s out of the question to invite friends and tell them they have to pay their own way.

So it looks like a compromise of my husband taking him to the meet and greet show and a small party at the end of the month. Call him spoiled. Call me a push over. I do what I want.

All I really want is for him to have no idea about big parties with friends and just be happy with the family ones we’ve done in the past. Or better yet, no birthdays. I’d like for him to not grow up at all, that would be best.

I thought I had this all figured out. But that’s parenting. Thinking you have it all sorted out and doing awesome things for your kids and then they just throw a wrench in there and derail your happy dance mom train.



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