the best Facebook groups and pages for mom

Over the past couple of years, support, for sale/yard sale,for free, and joined interest groups on Facebook have BLOWN UP.

Being a new mom, or becoming a mom again is one of the most stressful and exciting times of your life. Joining and participating in these groups is the best advice I could give any mom. As a parent you will always question your ability to do the job, and these groups are a huge help in alleviating some of the stress.

Groups v. Pages

Groups allow you post freely (unless their settings/rules do not allow) on the main page, and all those who are a part of the group may reply. It will look more similar to your own wall, posts by you and others are visible.

Pages are run by the creator. This means that only the page owner can post to the main part of the page, thus controlling what you see. Your comments and posts (unless on a previously posted item) will show up on the sidebar of the page.

Both have content that will show up in your news feed, are searchable pages, and can be shared to your timeline, someones elses timeline,  a page you manage, or via private message.

Things to note: most all groups have rules, make sure you follow them. Large groups tend to have a large number of admins who help patrol the discussions to make sure they follow the rules that the group has laid out. In most cases they explicitly say that any violation of the rule will result in immediately being removed from the group. So play nice.


On to the topics


Mom Groups

Support groups for moms at any walk of the motherhood life. From trying, to tired of your teenager. Most ask to refrain from medical advice, which make sense, you have a doctor for a reason. Ask for suggestions on car seats, sleep routines or best gifts to get a 2yo.

Facebook groups/pages

This Mom Life  (group)

Prego: Been There, Am there, Will be there. (group)


Entrepreneur/Blog moms 

pretty self explanatory. Self promotion is allowed on scheduled days.  Ask other moms how they manage to juggle everything, suggestions for business practices, or how to master SEO.

Facebook groups/pages

Boss Moms ® (group)

Mom Bloggers Tribe (group)

Mom to Mompreneur (group)

The Mommy Bloggers Network (group)


Baby wearing

I am very clearly and obviously pro-babywearing. I will always choose to wear my baby over put her in a stroller, but that is my personal preference. With multiple kids, it just makes life easier. These groups and pages have helped me through this journey.

Facebook groups/pages

The babywearing swap (group)

Babywearing International INC (page) (they also have some more local chapters so make sure to search)

Babywearing on a budget (page)



#fedisbest. And if you are choosing to go the route of breastfed, I highly recommend joining a few groups to help you along. Seeing a lactation consultant or medical provider is always important with serious medical advice, but these groups are great for, which shield do you recommend? Look at this cute photo of my baby eating that I would never post on my regular page. Or my favorite, celebrate because we made it X number of months post.

Facebook groups/pages

Milky Mommas (group)

Local Le Leche League (group) (you’ll have to search for this one on your own)

The Leaky Boob Community (group)

Nursing the Littles (group)

Breastfeeding, the struggles we’ve overcome (group)

When you are on a page, pay attention to the right sidebar on the screen. That is how I came across many of the groups I am a part of, they are suggestions of groups you might like based on the one you are currently viewing and the other groups and pages you already like.

There are so many more, but these are the groups/pages that I participate in and follow. To find more, or local chapters of nationwide groups, just type the topic and your location (nearest big city or state) into the search bar at the top of Facebook.


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