Hey Y’all I’m Katie Mac (aka Mama Katie Mac)

. I am a late twenty-something year old career woman, mother, wife and busy bee. I love all things paper – stationary, pens, planners, etc. I could watch calligraphy videos on instagram and youtube for hours. I have a BS in Human Development. By day I manage a database tracking medical information relating to cases of child abuse and neglect. By night I write. And all day, everyday, I mom. Separating work and home is very important to me and I wouldn’t be able to do either job if I couldn’t. I am a self proclaimed CEO of the Family Enterprise.

This is my family, my world. img_0923I wouldn’t and couldn’t be who I am without them.  I am now about to lay down our family timeline; the abbreviated version. Daddio (the hubs, spouse, mate of soul, or more commonly referred to as, dad by the kids) and I met somewhere round 2003 or 2002. In 2006 we started dating and haven’t looked back. January 2012, we welcomed our oldest to the world and began our journey as a family. June 2013, we gathered all our family and friends, drove a near two hours from the seacoast and got married in the mountains of New Hampshire.

August 2014, our oldest became a big brother and we became a family of four, welcoming his little brother to the world. 2015 we became southerners and six weeks early in 2016 we became a family of five and the Little Miss was born. BAM! I mean other things happened in there too, I graduated high school and college, we got a dog, moved a few times, went on vacation, etc. but I figured I’d just cover the major things.

I’m always here to talk, if you ever need an ear.