I am posting a little early today, mostly because I feel bad for not posting anything over the weekend while I was away without any notice.

So last night while I was scrolling through facebook and feeding Chloe with feet up on the couch (and my boss says you “actually can’t multitask”!?) I came across a post from my local news station that with an Amazon Prime membership you could get 40% off Huggies?! The post was from several hours earlier, so I thought I had for sure  missed out. But to my surprise and joy, I had not! I am now getting diaper for Chloe (prime didn’t have Thatcher’s size for some reason – maybe one of those ‘your kid should be potty trained by this point’ hints- I don’t need your judging looks!) shipped to our door monthly for 40% off! Also learned that Walgreen’s had a misprint in their weekly ad – Huggies 2 for $18…. It’s gonna be raining diapers at my house.


Made. My. Day.

The reason I am getting so excited about Diapers is because shit has seemed to hit the fan at school. I found out some troubling things at a center wide parent meeting ‘hosted’ by the board (using that term loosely, as only one board member showed up to chat with us). So troubling that the details spilled over into today and Richard and I are seriously contemplating that he become a stay at home dad. For disclaimer purposes, my children are not in danger – there are just lots of changes happening that we are not pleased about.

Just reading that back- realized I connected my excitement for diaper to ‘shit hitting the fan’ – I’m so punny.

Today has just been one of those days and I am still at work. Thank goodness for pump breaks, my moments of quite and recharge.


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